Through the Green Season


 Costarica is the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world.
The geography and the climate defines its richness and give to this country the largest welfare of Central America,which is perfectly summarised in the expression “pura vida”.The rainy season called the Green Season runs from May to November and is characterized by heavy showers that reach 400mm per month affecting differently an each of its regions.The country is lush,the tourism stops in many areas and the rain
becomes the protagonist, affecting not only the environment but especially local life and giving us an image of a more authentic Coste Rica.From ,worth to south, the project represents a collection of portraits of “Ticos” photographed to tell how the country is ethnically composed.The subjects are shown in front their homes, taken during their activities or caught in moments of intimacy in order to objectively describes their daily lives in this particular period of the year.