LS20 Night


A travel through the country, A vision’s chaos of color.
Nights are bright, full of life and energy: neversleep.
We find another kind of light that illuminate,it’s the sun but it’s not the real sun: the neon light,the sun of the night.
The city,the streets are in different colors,cold and flashy.
Markets are open in every corner and at every hour.
There’s no difference between day and night in this country where you can pass from muddle to silence in one second: all is punctuated by the neon lights which change with the situation and give you the mood of what you’re living.

LS12 River


Argentina 2013

One of the most important resource in this country is the water.
Many large rivers cross Argentina, sometimes they run dry and you will see just the bed. However, during summertime it’s a perfect place for locals,above all near Cordoba. There’s a funny way to live the river over there.
A crowd of people pours along the banks in a messy way,bringing all they need to spend a full day in the sun.
Large families bring a piece of home over there: chairs,towels,fridges,beach umbrellas,tables and lots of other things scattered everywhere while people are screaming,eating,dancing on shallow water.
It’s an authentic and immersive experience.
You would never go there if you want to relax.