Simona Belotti is a photographer from Rome,Italy.
Born in 1983, she studied Languages and Communication,
which gave her the opportunity to travel.
Rome,had a great importance for her step to photography and life's choice:
this magnificent and static city fascinated her with tradition and old splendor but gave her also the feeling to be cut from the modern world.
She moved in Spain to study photography and from there she's been living and traveling in many countries: London,Berlin,Paris,Australia,Thailand,India,Mexico,Malaysia and more. Simona's personal journey as a photographer began like that and it's still improving.
She worked assisting many photographers, between them,Paolo Roversi,Angelo Cricchi.
She based her work on experimenting things for the first time,like a child who use to know the world with curiosity,no prejudice, and sometimes with scare.
Photography is adrenalin and nostalgia.
Subjects in her images are alive and they reveal their emotions:bad feelings,troubles,thoughts,loneliness.They're strong and braveheart.
The street,real life is where she get inspired and
where she learned how to catch the moment with her camera.
Simona is now living between Paris and Rome,working for different magazines and personal projects.