project by Simona Belotti/Brando Giannoni

This series of photos wants to show faces, corners, and moments of this huge and fascinating multicural city, crossroads between east and west.
Chaotic, intense, with a strong religious aura, istanbul drags you and leaves you wondering its streets in exctasy.
It’s a city that you can represent in many ways without a clear vision but certainly defined by a music background: the sound of the Muezzin.
Many people have tried to tell this city in music, captured by its magic.
We have chosen to quote “ The Breeders” with their vision of Istanbul which accompanies in a best way our images.

Where you goin ?
To the city !
Where you goin ?
To the city !
Where you goin ?
Istanbul !

Is it in the east ?
You’ve gone too far

Boys it’s over there
Not that far
It’s here
It’s where you are